Is Color More Important Than Content in Kids Card Games?

What makes an educational card game for kids a success? We believe color may play an even more important role in the success of a children’s card game than content.

According to this article  on why bright colors appeal to children  – games need to be colorful in order to be effective with children and to help them learn more effectively.

One of the obvious ways to infuse color right off the bat is in the packaging. Packaging for children’s card games should be extremely colorful, bright and incorporate a visually attractive layout.  Tell the buyer what it is about – but make it look great.

These Syllables Reading Center Educational Playing Cards  have colorful and well designed packaging.

Educational playing cards

Syllables Card Games are Colorful

This Periodic table of elements card deck is an educational deck of playing cards is an oversized deck that features the Periodic Table of elements. Each individual element is a large card featuring a vivid photo of the element’s representation and information about the element.  The bright colors and layout entice the student to learn in a fun and engaging way.

Educational Playing Cards for the Periodic Table

Educational Playing Cards Periodic Table

The Packaging on What’s Your Cosmo is a lively and vivid array of colors that immediately engages the user in 10 different card games.  The deck is flexible and colorful and can entertain users of various ages and skill levels for hours.

Custom Card Games

Vivid colors make Cosmo a winner


Spanish for Kids is an early language learning system that features DVDs – CDs flashcards and games. This boxed set includes these colorful “custom flash cards” as part of an early learning program. The red and white checkerboard back and colorful faces of this game make it a winner with children who are “studying” to become bilingual in Spanish and English. The brightly drawn images and color coded card borders help children remember the words that go along with the pictures.

Spanish English Educational Playing Cards

Spanish English Card Game

So while content really should always be “king” it is possible that without the color the child may not ever fully appreciate the content.  Combining color with well thought out educational content is the key to ensuring the success of a card teaching method for children.

Educational Playing Cards for Relationships

Educational Playing Cards for Relationships

Educational Playing Cards for Relationships

These Talk to Me Educational Playing Cards to enhance couples chemistry – involve getting the people in a relationship to answer questions that they might not otherwise pose.

With questions like “Is fighting a sign of a healthy relationship? – these intimate questions bring out points to couples so that they can set boundaries and improve communication.  Custom card games have long been used to try to help couples explore their relationship. The game is a twist on the standard in that it involves asking truly intimate questions of each other.  Although there are cards that deal with other subjects – the primary focus of this deck is on intimacy and the role of the couples most intimate relations – in other words there is a lot of sex talk involved in this card deck.  Some of the questions I can honestly tell you I have never discussed with anyone – so it is a pretty in depth look at a relationship.  I would say it definitely has some good questions in there that are certainly worth addressing if you have the nerve to do it.