Kid Start Spanish Game

Here is a little information about one of my more consistent and successful clients Kick Start Spanish.
We manufacture the card decks for this game.
He has this cool deck which is a game that teaches young children Spanish.
As you all know, I’ve been printing all sorts of games for many years now. But a few years ago I started printing a game for a program called Kid Start Spanish. As I got to know more about this game it stood out to me because it was focused around learning. This game is focused around teaching young children Spanish. It’s laid out like a memory game and the designer of the program Ricardo Cuevas at Kid Start Spanish has made it so that each word has a matching picture. So that the game starts with all words and pictures hidden and the player slowly uncovers the pieces and matches picture with its word. So the word airplane will have a matching airplane drawing and so forth. This particular method of teaching is very interesting since it takes the stress out and instead you get to have fun with your kids while they learn. And isn’t having fun with your kids what it’s all about??
This particular game is part of a larger bundle which includes DVD videos, fun songs, colorful flashcards, a matching app for iphone/ ipad and access to stream the DVD videos on your Smartphone or Tablet. It’s an interesting concept and judging by the print orders it’s doing very well in the market.
Here are some links to them – Kid Start Spanish Facebook Page